We are an innovative company focused on continuous improvement and support

For well over 10 years, our team has set the standard for reliability, performance, and innovation in shredded dough equipment for a variety of foodservice applications. Our speciality kunafa machine lines are designed and engineered to produce consistently reliable results, clean up quickly and easily, and reduce labour costs in every workplace.

Our vision and goals remain focused on providing quality equipment and service that allows foodservice professionals to:

  • Save money by reducing labour costs
  • Significantly reduce repetitive, labor-intensive tasks
  • Reduce costs by eliminating product waste
  • Produce a consistent product that pleases customers and makes portion control easy
  • Simplify operation across the board with reduced training time
  • Increase production through innovation and design

Kataifi Machine Industries Information

At Kataifi Machine, we design and manufacture professional food service equipment that perform consistently and reliably year after year, no matter the continuous lengths of application. Our Automatic kataifi makers are designed to last, withstand heavy use, and require little maintenance. This dedication to our dough craft and our customers instils in us a profound sense of responsibility to continue our tradition of excellence and maintain our stringent standards for workmanship and durability.

This responsibility also extends to new designs and equipment that we introduce to help our customers take advantage of industry trends and meet the demands of customers looking for authentic ethnic cuisine. So, whether it’s a model that we’ve made for years or a new dough line, if the Kataifi Machine name is on the front, you know it will:

Our family-owned company is known for its shared values, which provide the basis for the way our employees act and make decisions, and enable responsible collaboration with our business partners and colleagues. Our success is anchored in trust, quality, responsibility, respect, partnership, passion, innovation and a willingness to change.

Our responsibility extends to new machine lined that we introduce to help our customers take advantage of our innovative engineering to industry trends and meet the demands of customers looking for authentic, cost effective solutions . So whether it’s a machine that we’ve made years ago or a new machine just on the market, if our name is on the front, you know it will:

  • Be safe and easy to operate, clean, and maintain
  • Effortlessly perform a variety of tasks with precision
  • Produce a consistent product batch after batch
  • Continue to perform year after year
  • Reduce operational costs across the board

We’re very proud that major food service chains and plants rely on our machines. But what really makes the extra effort and attention to detail that we apply worth it is when independent entrepreneurs write us and tell us how satisfied they are with our equipment and how it has allowed them to remain competitive.