Full Automatic Pita Bread Line

Our complete, fully automatic pita bread line is comprised of the following modular machines:

Dough Divider

An excellent technical performance machine, capable to highly control the quality as well as the quantity of the production.
Its basic aim is to transform the dough to equalled, rounded disk ready to the next step.

Intermediate Proofer

The Intermediate Proofer receives the dough disks from the Divider and transport it safely with a controlled speed through a proofing tunnel covered with transparent plastic sides, on a high quality decay-resistant Belts. During this operation it manage to turn the disks several times and deliver it ready to the next step.

Dough Flattener

It manages the leavened dough disks and transforms it to equal and round sheets, after spraying it with flour. This machine is controlled by an advanced electronic system.

Final Proofer

The rounded sheets coming out from the Automatic flatterer are moved into the Final Proofer to go through the final fermentation process. They are automatically conveyed to the oven for the baking procedure.

Tunnel Oven

An extremely improved unit operating on Diesel Oil or Gas and designed to provide a rationally distributed heat for the production of an exceptional quality Pita Bread. This unit is easy to maintain and have a very distinguished look.

Cooling Conveyor

After leaving the oven, the bread is carried by the cooling conveyors for rapid cooling and further packing. This system is made of aluminium and stainless steel, running smoothly along special noiseless and friction less guide rails resulting in a long life operation of the unit.

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