Sometimes it is not possible to carry out complex and sophisticated repair work on the customer’s production site. In such cases we can carry them out in the Kataifi Machine factory and find a solution in our workshop.

We guarantee a fast and professional service with the best possible equipment and the repair is processed smoothly and considering the shortest possible time of non use for the customer.

Our in-house equipment technicians are guaranteed to meet your service requirements
  • Tools and mobile units are repaired cost-efficiently
  • Professional in-house repair of assemblies by Kadayif Machine specialists
  • Fast repair in case of faults by our internal production team
  • Modifications and repairs of punching tools and cutting rollers
  • Replace coating on rollers or hoppers
  • Cost-effective alternative to repair on site

Other Solutions

Who We Are

Our company has set the standard for reliability, performance, and innovation. Our Kataifi dough equipment win all key points in competitive advantages.

Our Flagship Machine Line – Kataifi Master™

The performance and appearance of the kadayif machine line equipment reflects our attention to every detail. The One and Only Automatic, Digitally controlled Kataifi Maker in the world!

Our Kataifi Machine Add On Module – Kunafa Carpet™

Our Kunafa Carpet allows the single dessert’s endless evolutions. With ultimate spins and creations you can apply a decorating hand on our beloved dessert.