The First & Only Kataifi Machine by the field Experts We are a world-class team of designers and industrial engineers of shredded pastry. Read More Up to 400Kg per Hour The Best Ever! Our experts combine their extensive knowledge to ultimately achieve the best solution for you Read More Top Class Electrical Components and materials Shredded Fhyllo Dough technology at its best Read More

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Who We Are

Our company has set the standard for reliability, performance, and innovation. Our Kataifi dough equipment win all key points in competitive advantages.

Our Flagship Machine Line – Kataifi Master™

The performance and appearance of the kadayif machine line equipment reflects our attention to every detail. The One and Only Automatic, Digitally controlled Kataifi Maker in the world!

Our Kataifi Machine Add On Module – Kunafa Carpet™

Our Kunafa Carpet allows the single dessert’s endless evolutions. With ultimate spins and creations you can apply a decorating hand on our beloved dessert.


We have successful Kunefe Machine projects worldwide. China, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Canada, Algeria to name a few!


24 h availability of a Kataifi Machine technician on 7 days per week, 365 days per year

Who We Are

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We design and manufacture digitally controlled, automatic kataifi machine lines for shredded dough pastry production, for fresh or frozen products that perform consistently and reliably year after year, no matter the continuous lengths of application.

Our kataifi machines are designed to last, withstand heavy use, and require little maintenance.

The top of the line, kataifi maker equipment is an unparalleled performer, capable of producing up to 400 kg of Kataifi per hour.

Our lines and machines exported and operate in Saudi Arabia, China, Canada, East Europe , Lebanon, and other countries.

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I am extremely grateful for all of your help and support.

Mrs Georgiev – Sofia Bulgaria

I have found their expertise second to none!

Mr Bakri Ests – Lebanon Beirut

We have only good things to say about them.

Mr Wei – Xiamen China

Their kataifi machine cannot be praised enough.

Mr Mahfoudia – Batna Algeria

They continuously provide a very personable and superb service.

Mr Bailao – Montreal Canada

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The real force in our company is our people :

“Their accomplishments, their passions, their determination to build the best possible solutions for our customers .”

(Strategy - Kataifi Machine)


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