Frozen Dough Market Expected to Rise by 2019

The frozen dough products market across the globe is expected to show a substantial growth with a single digit increase in CAGR from 2013 to 2019, according to a report by Persistence Market Research (PMR).

Low prices over freshly baked products represent the main driver of growth across all regions, even though increases will vary significantly: while established economies will show modes to moderate growth, there will be great increase opportunities for emerging countries, as a result of increased snacking and breakfast.

“Emerging countries such as India, Brazil, China and South Africa is expected to grow significantly on the backdrop of changing eating habits and availability of these products in supermarkets and other retail outlets. Developed economies have seen greater number of in-store bakeries and sandwich programs popping up in outlets such as convenience stores and hyper markets. Family gatherings and holiday parties further fuel the demand of dough related products such as pastries, cupcakes and sweet rolls,” says the report.

Other growth drivers pointed out by the research include an increased number of coffee shops, growing consumption of bakery products and booming food service industry. Moreover with increasing disposable income and coffee culture in emerging countries the demand for frozen dough products is also elevating, among the five major frozen dough product types: Biscuits, Cookies/Brownies, Dinner rolls, Sweet rolls and others.


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